About us

About Wyvern Swimwear

Wyvern Swimwear was opened in 2019 by Simon Tomlinson. A long history in Waterpolo means Simon is uniquely placed to recommend the best in clothing and equipment. Simon has played and coached at all levels, club to international. Simon is still active as a current England / GB waterpolo coach.

Umiko was born in 2019, as a result of the passion and hard work of its founder, Simon Tomlinson, water polo player and water sports lover.

Under the umbrella of Wyvern Waterpolo Ltd. Umiko, a young brand that started its firsts steps with the aim of personalizing every single one of its orders, looking for the individual needs of each client.

Umiko is worn at the best waterpolo clubs, colleges and schools, and offers a wide range of sports clothes and equipment with a great variety of high quality products and competitive prices.

The quality of our products, designed and created for and by athletes, our personalized service and an exclusive treatment with customer, as well as the wish to improve and make Umiko, a referent and prestigious brand in the sector, identifies us and forms part of our philosophy.