Funkita – Lake Acid – Goggle Case

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Lake Acid

Case Closed Goggle Case

Hard shell with soft fabric interior to protect your FUNKY goggles.

  • The hard shell case is designed to protect FUNKY goggles with a carabiner to clip onto your Funkita backpack or mesh gear bag.

All the smart people who run the country talk about making the workforce more productive, but they fail to address the key problem, the lack of productivity in our early learning system. All day kids are drawing things, which, even though we occasionally stick on the fridge, usually end up in the bin. It’s time to kickstart productivity in the sector to get the economy going again, which is why we’ve provided fabric rolls and marker pens to pre‐schools around Australia with a truck ready to collect the completed artwork at the end of each day. Next, we’ll be providing the kids with real cement mixers so they can start shovelling sand to help the construction industry out too.

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